Mobil: Our mobile spray rigs are self sufficient units that carry up to 310’ of spray hose and 600 gallons of material at any given time. We can travel to any of the Lower 48 and can spray in most conditions, at any location.

Trop-Eco Shop: The Trop-Eco shop is a controlled environment set up for the primary purpose of spraying truck beds and any item that can fit into out 25’ x 15’ spray booth.

Robotics: Trop-eco developed a robotic system to coat pipes and pipelines ranging in size from 36” to 120” inch pipe, with Range of thicknesses from 60-500 mils.

Rent: Trop-eco leases its equipment to qualified contractors looking to apply polyurea coating on their project. When you rent the lining equipment, we send you all the equipment you will need to operate. We will also send a tech with the unit, whether it be a mobile rig or a robotic unit to instruct on operation of the equipment and provide tech support.

Sell: Trop-eco sells everything you need from sprayers and material, to full robotic operation packages. Perform: If you are looking for the highest level of professional coating applications, our highly trained techs are ready to handle the task.

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