Marine Deck Coatings
Trop-Eco has developed several marine applications for our polyurea, such as deck coatings and aluminum towers. This offers enhanced durability, protection, extended life and is cosmetically pleasing. Polyurea can also provide a soft standing surface which will make for a more comfort for standing long periods of time while fishing or enjoying a day on the water.

Marine T-top and Tower Coatings
Aluminum and Stainless hardware and equipment on boats such as T-Tops and Towers are exposed to extreme conditions such as harmful UV rays and saltwater on a daily basis, both can cause detrimental damage to this expensive equipment. Polyurea is ideal for protecting your existing investment which may be worn or for your new one; It is durable, long lasting, looks great and is practically maintenance free!

Trop-Eco Project Boat
Here at Trop-eco we took a project boat upon ourselves, a 1974 flats boat. The deck and aluminum poling platform where in rough shape so we took it upon ourselves to make it like new with our polyurea.

First step was stripping the existing carpet, paint and caulking, so the deck and aluminum was bare. Next, we primed the substrate with 5-10 mills of epoxy primer. Following that we applied 60-80 mills (1/8th inch) of polyurea. Finally we sprayed on 4 coats of UV Resistant top coat. The polyurea has all the benefits of the typical paint over fiberglass deck but offers a cleaner more uniform look and a softer standing surface.

One of the biggest benefits is the easy clean up after a day of fishing! As for the aluminum on the poling platform it is a dream, say good bye to waxing or any pitting or corrosion caused by the lack of! It offers increased rigidity and gets plenty of compliments at the dock and makes heads turn on the water.

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